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    Max Gm Apply



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    Max Gm Apply

    Post  Max123 on Sun Aug 08, 2010 2:46 am

    hello, i am applying for GM.

    Name: Max Smith

    Age: 16

    Time zone: GMT-5

    Time Online: I Can Stay On For 5 Hour And SOme 10 Hour But School Day Are Hard SO Iwill Open For 2 Hour and Maby More But I Haver 2 Month Holeday And i Will Stay 10 Hour Wink I Hope TO Get It

    Contact/E-mail: Msn: thift@live.com

    Skype: im Not Have Skype :'(

    Reasons: I Want To Be Gm Beacuse Most Of GUnz Are Have Hacker Player And Rules Broke So I Can Help THe Server From Hacker And Rules Breker To Saty Server Live Forever And Got More Player So THe Reason Help Server From Anyone Broke Rules Or Hack

    Proof of being a GM:


    Experience in GunZ: Im Play Gunz Games When I was 7 years Old Im Pro And i Know To Do Style And More So I Try Flame GUnz Too I Like It More THan Others Very Happy

    Experience as GM/Dev: I was Gm For Long Time I Was Pro ANd All Was Need Me TO Join Beacuse I Was Make Rooms And Get SOme ANd Play Like Stefan Bowens Hide ANd Seek Events Im Play Long Time But I Borad From It So I Come To Flame Gunz

    How can you help the community: I Can Help By Kick ANyone Want TO Cheat nd Broke Rules And Flame And i will help anyone need help with anything but if thing not possible i cant help

    Tell us about yourself: Im Aboy Is Nice Respect And Never FLame I Like THe Life ANd I Like ALl People And I Like TO Help To People And Anyone FOr I Not Be Like Deamon So Im Like To Help People Not In Game Only In raly Life Too Beacuse The Help Is Nice And Im LIke Play Football I LIke Football ANd Im Do Styles In Football Very Happy

    Anything else you want us to know?: I To Let You Know I Can Help YOu With Forum Beacuse I Have Forum LIke You Its http://www.Gamesite.forumr.net I Know How TO FIx ANd Make Blogs Polls Anything

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    Post  maryuzzu on Fri Dec 17, 2010 9:04 am

    Surprised hii every one

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