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    Dev Applycation

    Post  Jase on Sat May 22, 2010 5:41 pm

    Full Name: Jase Neath
    Time Zone: GMT +01.00
    Time Online: almost every day, very long
    Contact/Email: msn FS_user@hotmail.de
    Reasons: I want to make this page look good <3
    Proof/Documentation of work: to this: you should make a limit of prove things xD cause if I would put all...
    k now prove:

    its my signature xD

    its a test banner for other gunz site

    customized foorum bar not perfect yet besides the one before and this one are too big i can sent them later again

    hope thats prove enought xD

    Experience In GunZ:I play gunz for 2-3 years now
    Experience As GM/Dev: Im very much touched to my Photoshop cs4 and I realese alost every day something new xD for ingame or homepage.

    How can you help the community? i can help making the communities look better.

    Tell us about yourself: I love Photoshop, go swiming,gunz, ice-cream, pizza, Desperados <3

    Anything else you want us to know? Its 01.40 am and im posting an aplly xD

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