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    Application for gm EmoSmexy



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    Application for gm EmoSmexy

    Post  EmoSmexy on Mon Sep 21, 2009 8:04 pm

    Full Name:Derek Thomas Tew


    Time Zone:central

    Time Online:around either everyday or 8-10 hours



    Reasons:i am Loyal/respectfull/and im very honest/most of all im trustworty and very ez to get along with

    Proof/Documentation of work:none

    Experience In GunZ:i have played for 1 years and was once a gm in Fgunz/SlashGunz

    Experience As GM/Dev:well experience as gm i basically told u above

    How can you help the community?1. i can banned all hackers
    2.I can help with alot of things
    3.i can help get more and more players
    4.i can respect everyone
    5.and most of all i can make this community very big and awesome.

    Tell us about yourself:well im a 16 year old boy i live with my gf umm im going to school i am very hard working and if theres anything i care about most its my family i am also a brother of a 25 year old we get along very well and thats pretty much it if u wanna know anything else just ask me dont be shy =]

    Anything else you want us to know?nah not really

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