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    Feimei's Admin Application



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    Feimei's Admin Application

    Post  Feimei on Mon Jul 13, 2009 6:08 am

    Hi this is my application for a place as Admin..

    Name: Matthew
    I'm 16 and i live in Poland
    I play gunz everyday for like 6-7 hours a day
    friendly to all who are friendly 2 me.
    not abusive to any1(except my Bro :-) )
    help any1 with any types of problems
    i like to exceed and improve, so u can say im quite competitive
    im good at taking orders(except from my mum)
    What i can do for the server/forums:help people, give advice, give idea's and im overall kind and nice, but also patient for those people who aggrevate other people.
    im a great listerener
    ive been playing gunz for 4 years. so u could say im experienced
    i speak English Polish and learning German :-).
    i do not critisize people or be-little them.
    i am not racist or facist in any way
    i like to have fun and make jokes
    Also i like rules(weird and sad but thats the way i am.)
    I'm friendly and realy want to be a Admin....

    What Can I do:
    system.mrs (zitem, weapon.xml, matchserver, etch)
    Loading Screens,

    i was Dev in UltraGunZ (closed)
    i was Gm in 360 GunZ...
    i was Gm in Rawr GunZ...

    I'm very experienced
    I have a great personality
    Would donate like crazy
    I have 0 tolerance for hackers </3
    I know all the staff commands
    I can help make new maps for the server
    I can help make the community a better hacker free and problem less place
    I can help people solve problems
    Keep the peace
    You can trust me
    I have a great sense of humor
    I know when to be serious and when to play
    I am extremely active
    I wont abuse gm weps nor commands
    I have experience in hosting events and i can keep the players busy and happy

    E-MAIL : turystapl1@o2.pl
    SKYPE : mateusz.turkiewicz100

    Thanks for reading and watching my application

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